Wednesday, 13 January 2016

About Dhiraj Singh

Dhiraj Singh has successfully established and led several businesses in the infrastructure, services, and financial sectors in India and abroad. He is currently part of the senior leadership team at the largest Indian business support services group. Dhiraj holds a Master’s degree in International Management from The American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird and an MBA in Finance from Tulane University, New Orleans. Dhiraj did his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Born and brought up in a small town from where he travelled to study and work in different cities both in India and abroad, he has always excelled both in studies and sports while remaining a big movie buff! 

He is a keen observer of people from different cultural and social backgrounds and enjoys interacting with them and listening to their “stories”. He has had major personal and spiritual transformation over the past decade due to many accurate astrological predictions and personal premonitions, including the death of his father, in his own life. Being an engineering and science student, he found the new “dimension” very baffling as well as interesting, and started to study and believe in “alternative science”, a science which he now believes exists but is not understood.

His books in the series “Fables of Fatal Fate” are interesting fictional stories that are inspired by real life experiences and have a unique mix of drama and thrill creatively woven around the fabric of his “alternative science” views.


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